Exporting AIXM 4.5 data using geoprocessing (Aviation)

本主题仅适用于 ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced。

This tool requires the 适用于 Desktop 的 ArcGIS Data Interoperability 扩展模块 .

The Export AIS To AIXM 4.5 tool supports the most robust AIXM 4.5 data available and is based on the rules and relationships set by the AICM/AIXM 4.5 standards. The Export AIS To AIXM 4.5 tool allows you to create an AIXM 4.5 XML message from your geodatabase. This gives you the ability to manage and share your aviation data by using ArcGIS for Aviation:Charting.


The tool can be customized. Right-click the tool to open the context menu and click Edit to open the tool in a Data Interoperability workbench window.

  1. Start ArcMap or ArcCatalog.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Extensions and make sure that the Data Interoperability extension is checked.
  3. Make sure that an appropriate ArcSDE geodatabase is available.
  4. Click the ArcToolbox button ArcToolbox on the Standard toolbar.

    The ArcToolbox window appears.

  5. Expand the tree view next to Aviation Data Management Tools > AIXM.
  6. Double-click the Export AIS To AIXM 4.5 tool.

    The Export AIS To AIXM 4.5 dialog box appears.

  7. Click the Input Workspace button and navigate to the geodatabase that contains the AIS data.
  8. Click the Attribute Schema Mapper browse button and navigate to <ArcGIS for Aviation install dir>\DataExchange\AIXM\SchemaMapper.
  9. Choose the appropriate schema mapper:
    • ESRItoAIXM_Oracle_Attribute.csv—If exporting from an Oracle geodatabase
    • ESRItoAIXM_SQLServer_Attribute.csv—If exporting from a SQL geodatabase
  10. 单击打开
  11. Click the Destination AIXM Dataset browse button and navigate to the folder where you want to store the AIXM 4.5 XML.
  12. Click Save.
  13. 单击确定