Essential mapping, charting, and visualization vocabulary (Aviation)

This vocabulary list will help you understand some of the concepts found in the mapping, charting, and visualization documentation.

Color separation

Color separation is a process in which a map or chart's colors are analyzed and separated according to unique color definitions.


Declination is the angular difference between true north and magnetic north, which changes over time.

Definition query

A definition query is a Structured Query Language (SQL) WHERE clause. The WHERE clause is appended to any SQL statement executed on the database. Use definition queries to concisely define the data you want to analyze and limit the number of features visible in a map.

Draft mode

Draft mode disables the display of an element in the page layout. The element occupies space on the page, but does not render.


Elements are items in a map document's page layout. These include scale bars, north arrows, data frames, legends, logos, text, and other graphics.

Element library

An element library is a geodatabase that stores page layout elements. Element libraries contain four tables: ELM_CATEGORIES, ELM_ELEMENTS, ELM_PRODUCTS, and ELM_SOLUTIONS.

EPS file

EPS 文件将通过 PostScript 页面描述语言描述矢量对象和栅格对象。PostScript 是高端图形文件、制图和打印的出版行业标准。许多绘图应用程序中都可编辑 EPS 文件,也可将此类文件作为图形置于大多数页面布局应用程序中。从 ArcMap 中导出的 EPS 文件支持字体嵌入,因此即使用户尚未安装 Esri 字体也可以查看正确的符号。从 ArcMap 中导出的 EPS 可以通过 CMYK 值或 RGB 值定义颜色。


GeoTIFFs are TIFF files with embedded georeferencing information. Embedded georeference information can include ellipsoid, datum, coordinate system, and projection. GeoTIFFs store one spatial reference per file.

Grouped element

A grouped element is a set of elements combined into a new element. A grouped element can be ungrouped into individual elements.

Masking set

Masks hide features, or sections of features. ArcGIS uses feature layers to mask other feature layers. Masking sets are stored information about ArcGIS masking settings. These sets can be recalled and reapplied to other map documents.


An overprint is an area of overlapping colors that have blended to produce a different color.

Production PDF

Production PDF adds print production capabilities into PDF files exported from ArcGIS for Desktop. It supports all standard PDF export options from ArcGIS, with the added ability to create press-ready files for offset printing. Print production capabilities include Spot colors, overprint, color mapping, and colorspace conversion.


Representations are symbol information stored with geometry in a feature class. For more information, see What are representations?

Spot color

A Spot color is a named color associated with numeric values representing CMYK values and tint.


Views are map settings that can be saved to and retrieved from any geodatabase. They allow you to manage the properties of a data frame and layers so they can be reapplied at any time while allowing you to decide which current map properties to keep and which to override.

Visual specification

A collection of rules that manage representation symbology and label fields for many layers. You can apply these rules to multiple layers using the Calculate Visual Specifications tool.

Vvs file

A *.vvs file contains an exported view. Views are exported from the Production Symbology toolbar to a *.vvs file.