Associating data models with a production database (Aviation)

Data models are Extensible Markup Language (XML) workspace documents that contain different structures that can be applied to your database for the type of data you want to create or with which you are working. A data model version is a specific version created from the parent data model. Data models and versions are optional and are primarily used by Esri 制图和制表解决方案 such as ArcGIS for Maritime:Charting and ArcGIS for Aviation:Charting.

Once the product library and production database have been specified, you can associate the production database with specific data models by using the Choose Data Model Versions command. This command shows the data models in the product library that are supported by the production databases. Several data models can be associated with the production database, but the current data model is set by the Set As Active command. When a user associates a data model with a production database, that data model is displayed below the associated production database.

If a product library is not set, or the production database is out of date, the production database will not show the associated data model versions.

If you have a product library set and you connect to a production database that has data model versions associated to it but not supported by this product library, the data models are listed as "Unavailable (No Version)" in the production database.

You can fix this by doing one of the following:

When no product library workspace is defined, and you add data stored in a geodatabase that is also a product library, the product library workspace property is automatically set to this geodatabase.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, open the Product Library window by clicking Customize > Production > Product Library on the main menu.

    A tree view of the product library appears.

    Product library tree
  3. If necessary, define the product library workspace.
  4. If necessary, add data from the production database if you don't already have it loaded.
  5. If necessary, expand Production Data.
  6. 提示提示:

    You need to upgrade the production database if it is out of date by right-clicking it and clicking Upgrade Production Database.

  7. Right-click the production database and click Choose Data Model Versions.

    The Choose Data Model Versions dialog box appears.

    Choose Data Model Versions
  8. Check the check boxes next to the data model versions you want to associate with this production database.
  9. 单击确定

The data models appear under the production database. If there is only one data model version, it is automatically set as active.


You can set the current data model version with the production database if there is more than one by using the Set as Active command.