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ArcGIS for Windows Mobile extends the reach of ArcGIS for Desktop to Windows and Windows Mobile devices for use in the field. When used on a GPS-enabled device, your field workers can collect new point, line, and polygon features and make edits to existing ones using GPS or map sketching. Designed for simplicity in the field, ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is easy for field workers inexperienced with GIS. Mobile projects are task-driven, which means field workers select from a list of predefined tasks to perform their field work. The simple interface includes only the functionality needed to complete the job.

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile is fully integrated with the ArcGIS system. When paired with ArcGIS for Desktop, mobile projects can be created and deployed for field work in a disconnected environment. GIS data is prepared in ArcMap, then added to your mobile project in the Mobile Project Center application. Once configured to your specifications, the project is deployed to your mobile device(s), ready for fieldwork. After the field edits are complete, they are checked back into the geodatabase using the mobile geoprocessing tools.

When paired with ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS for Windows Mobile allows you to deploy and manage field projects that scale to a larger field workforce. Working with published services in a connected environment, field workers can download content and synchronize edits directly from the field to the geodatabase.

ArcGIS for Windows Mobile includes a software development kit (SDK) that allows you to extend the functionality of the ready-to-deploy applications or to embed ArcGIS capabilities into your existing mobile applications. For details, see ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Windows Mobile on the Resource Center.

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