Application Builder settings

The Application Builder Settings page allow you to upload and change basemaps, upload add-ins, and configure application and personal settings. To access the Application Builder settings page, click the Settings link in the upper right corner of the Application Builder.


A basemap provides a background of geographical context for the content you want to display in a map. The basemap of the current map is displayed at the bottom of the Map Contents panel. The ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight comes with several basemaps provided by Esri via ArcGIS Online from which to choose suitable backgrounds for your data. The provided basemaps include many options such as roads, aerial, and topographic data. When you create a new map, you can choose from the existing maps or configure the Basemap gallery to include your own custom basemap. Additionally, you can configure the basemaps that are available to the end user of your application. For more information, see Configuring Basemaps.

Application Builder settings - Basemaps tab


The ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight allows you to develop custom functionality by creating add-ins. Add-ins are Silverlight assemblies that contain one or more tools or map behaviors that interact with the Viewer.

Once you have written an add-in, the process for adding it to the Viewer is very straightforward. Add the compiled Silverlight Application (.xap file) to the Application Builder using the Add-Ins tab as shown in the following screen shot. For more information, see Extending the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight.

Application Builder settings - Add-Ins tab

Application settings

The Application Settings tab of the Application Builder is where you specify Default Settings for Viewer applications and one-time settings for the current application, if different from the default settings.

The Bing AppID setting allows you to enter your own Bing Maps Key for use with the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight. For more information, see Getting a Bing Maps Key. Once you have entered your key, the Bing Maps Road, Aerial, and Hybrid basemaps are available for use. See Configuring basemaps for more information.

The Geometry Service setting allows you to specify the service to use to perform basic geometry operations. By default, the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight uses the ArcGIS Online Geometry service. This geometry service contains utility methods that provide access to sophisticated and frequently used geometric operations. You can use this geometry service to do the following:

Refer to the ArcGIS Server Resource Center for information on how to use the geometry service.

The ArcGIS Online Sharing and ArcGIS Online Secure settings allow you to specify Portal for ArcGIS locations. Portal for ArcGIS provides you with the same collaboration and sharing tools as ArcGIS Online but differs in where it's hosted and what content is available to users. Portal for ArcGIS can be deployed behind your organization's firewall, or a private instance can be hosted and managed by Esri for your organization.

The Proxy setting allows you to enter a proxy for use with basemaps, geoprocessing services, and when browsing for data.

Application Builder settings - Application Settings tab

Personal settings

When you start the Application Builder for the first time, the Getting Started dialog box displays in the lower right corner. This dialog box shows you where to find the various tools and configuration options in the Application Builder. Check the Disable Getting Started check box to prevent the Getting Started dialog box from displaying.

Getting Started dialog box
To re-enable the Getting Started dialog box, navigate to the Application Builder settings, select the Personal Settings tab, and uncheck the Disable Getting Started check box.
Application Builder settings - Personal Settings tab