The Map Contents panel

The Map Contents panel is a central component of a published Viewer application. The Map Contents panel displays the list of layers contained in the map, provides the ability to toggle layer visibility, determines the selected layer for performing operations such as Go To and Select, and determines the layer displayed in the Attribute table.

Selected layer in Map Contents panel

In the preceding screen shot, the Map Contents panel displays the layers that have been added to the map, including the basemap layer. Notice that the Cities layer is highlighted, which indicates that it is the selected layer.

Configuring the Map Contents panel

Since toggling layer visibility and showing layer symbology may not be appropriate for every application, the Map Contents panel allows you to choose from one of the following several display modes:

Map Contents legend example

Additional Map Contents configuration options include specifying which layers to include in the Map Contents, whether to show the basemap layer, and the ability to show only the layers visible at the current scale.

To configure the Map Contents panel, see the following steps:

  1. Click the Controls button in the Configure category of the Application Builder Tools tab.
  2. Click the Map Contents link in the Configure Controls dialog box that appears.
    Configure Controls dialog box
  3. In the Configure Map Contents dialog box, select the Layer Display Mode, check the check box for any desired options, and specify any Layers to be excluded from the map contents.
    Configure Map Contents dialog box
  4. Click Done when you are finished, then click Close.