Adding and managing tools and toolbars

You can configure tools and toolbars in your Viewer application by using the Add Tool and Manage buttons on the Tools tab on the Application Builder toolbar. Use the Add Tool button to add tools to the Viewer toolbars. Use the Manage button to remove, reorder, and configure tools that have already been added to the toolbars. If custom or third-party tools have been uploaded to the Application Builder as an add-in, they will appear in these dialog boxes along with the out-of-the-box tools. For more information about creating custom tools, see Creating a Tool.

Adding tools

  1. On the Tools tab of the Application Builder, click Add Tool. The Add Tool wizard appears.

    Add Tool wizard

  2. Select the desired tool and click Next.
  3. Specify the Toolbar on which to place the tool. Additionally, specify the label, tooltip, and icon if desired.
  4. Click OK. In the Viewer preview, the tool will immediately be added to the specified toolbar.

Managing toolbars

  1. On the Tools tab of the Application Builder, click Manage. The Manage Toolbars dialog box appears. All available tools are listed on the left side of the dialog box and the current tools are listed on the right.

    Manage Toolbars dialog box

  2. On the Manage Toolbars dialog box, you can manipulate the tools in the application as follows:

Viewer toolbars

The Viewer contains six different toolbars you may configure using the Application Builder. You may add, remove, and configure the default tools on each:

Available tools

The following table lists the default tools provided with the ArcGIS Viewer for Silverlight:






Gets measurements from existing features or by drawing on the map



Shows the About dialog box

Attribute table

Filter by Map Extent

Only shows records for features within the current map extent



Shows or hides the editing tools



A tool that uses an ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Service. See Adding Geoprocessing tasks for more information.


Configure Layer

Specifies the appearance and behavior of the selected layer

Filter Layer

Filters the features in the selected layer based on an attribute query

Go To Layer

Zooms to the selected layer

Move Down

Moves the layer's display order one position closer to the bottom of the map

Move Up

Moves the layer's display order one position closer to the top of the map

Refresh Layer

Refreshes the selected layer

Remove Layer

Removes the selected layer from the map

Service Details

Opens the service endpoint for the selected layer

Show Table

Opens the attribute table for the selected layer


Add GeoRSS feed

Adds a GeoRSS feed to the map


Configure and view bookmarkds in the map


Adds data to the map by browsing to an ArcGIS Server endpoint

Choose Basemap

Chooses a basemap for the map

Map Contents

Opens the map contents panel to view the map's layers


Add Attachment

Adds an attachment to the feature

Delete Feature

Removes the feature from the layer

Edit Shape

Modifies the feature's geometry

Edit Values

Modifies the feature's attribute values



Prints the map


Get Related Records

Retrieves a feature's related records

Query Layer

Retrieves features from a layer based on a query defined during configuration and values input by the user


Searches for places or ArcGIS Server services


Clear Selection

Clears the selection from the current layer

Export Selection

Exports the attributes of the selected features in the current layer to a .csv file

Find Nearby

Finds features near the current selection


Selects features by drawing a box around them in the map

Select All

Selects all the features in the current layer

Zoom To

Zooms to the selected features in the current layer