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ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.Tasks Namespace
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Contains a set of tasks (QueryTask, FindTask, IdentifyTask) enable both attribute and spatial searches on layers in ArcGIS Server services. The Locator task provides address matching capabilities. The Geoprocessor task provides access to ArcGIS Server tasks in geoprocessing services. The GeometryService task exposes a set of standard geospatial operations on an ArcGIS Server Geometry service.


ClassAddress An address.
ClassAddressCandidate An address candidate that represents a result from an AddressToLocations operation.
ClassAddressesToLocationsEventArgs EventArgs for the Locator.AddressesToLocationsCompleted event.
ClassAddressesToLocationsResult AddressesToLocationsResult contains information found from a AddressesToLocations locator service call.
ClassAddressEventArgs EventArgs for the Locator.LocationToAddressCompleted event.
ClassAddressToLocationsEventArgs EventArgs for the AddressToLocations Locator geocode service operation.
ClassAddressToLocationsParameters Parameters for the AddressToLocations geocode service operation.
ClassAngularUncertaintyValue Class that represents a angular measurement that contains an uncertainty value.
ClassAreasAndLengths Contains a list of areas and corresponding lengths.
ClassAreasAndLengthsEventArgs EventArgs for the GeometryService.AreasAndLengthsCompleted event.
ClassAreaUncertaintyValue Class that represents a area measurement that contains an uncertainty value.
ClassAttributeParameter Used in RouteParameter.attributeParameterValues
ClassBaseGeodataTransformation Base class for ProjectiveTransformation and PolynomialTransformation
ClassBaseRouteParameters Base route parameters in shared between RouteParameters, RouteClosestFacilityParameters and RouteServiceAreaParameters
ClassBeginEditEventArgs Arguments for the begin edits event.
ClassBufferParameters Sets the distances, units, and other parameters for a buffer operation.
ClassClassBreaksDefinition ClassBreaksDefinition
ClassClassificationDefinition Base class for ClassificationDefinition.
ClassColorRamp ColorRamp
ClassCompositeTransformations CompositeTransformations
ClassComputeHistogramsEventArgs EventArgs for ComputeHistogramsTask.ComputeHistogramsAsync and ComputeHistogramsTask.ComputeHistogramsAsync task.
ClassComputeHistogramsParameter Parameter object used for the ComputeHistogramsTask.ComputeHistogramsAsync and ComputeHistogramsTask.ComputeHistogramsAsync task.
ClassComputeHistogramsTask Compute histograms task is used to dynamically create a histogram from an image server.
ClassCutEventArgs EventArgs for service operations that return a list of Graphic objects and a Integer array of cut indexes.
ClassDeleteEventArgs EventArgs for the UploadTask.DeleteCompleted event of the UploadTask.
ClassDensifyParameters Parameters contains additional properties that defines how the densify task will be preformed.
ClassDirectionsFeatureSet A FeatureSet that has properties specific to routing. The features property contains the turn-by-turn directions text and geometry of the route.
ClassDistanceEventArgs EventArgs for the GeometryService.DistanceCompleted event
ClassDistanceParameters Parameters contains additional properties that defines how the distance task will be preformed.
ClassEditException Edit exception.
ClassEditResultItem An item in the results from an edit operation.
ClassEditResults Results of the edit operation
ClassEndEditEventArgs Arguments for the end edit event.
ClassFeatureSet A collection of Features.
ClassFindEventArgs EventArgs for the FindTask.ExecuteCompleted event of the FindTask.
ClassFindParameters The parameters used to execute the FindTask.
ClassFindResult A result from the executing the FindTask.
ClassFindTask Task for finding features from a map service.
ClassGeneralizeParameters Parameters contains additional properties that defines how the generalize task will be preformed.
ClassGenerateRendererParameters The parameters used to generate renderer task.
ClassGenerateRendererResult Renderer result
ClassGenerateRendererResultEventArgs EventArgs for the GenerateRendererTask.ExecuteCompleted event of the GenerateRendererTask.
ClassGenerateRendererTask Generates renderer from supplied classification definition and an optional where clause.
ClassGeometryEventArgs EventArgs for service operations that return a single Geometry object.
ClassGeometryRelationPair Contains the indices of the geometries from the set of geometries passed to the Relation operation of the geometry service.
ClassGeometryService Represents a geometry service resource exposed by the ArcGIS Server REST API. It is used to perform various operations on geometries such as project, simplify, buffer, and relationships. The Auto Complete operation is performed on a geometry service resource. The AutoComplete operation simplifies the process of constructing new polygons that are adjacent to other polygons. It constructs polygons that fill in the gaps between existing polygons and a set of polylines.
ClassGeoprocessor Represents a geoprocessing task service resource exposed by the ArcGIS Server REST API. A geoprocessing task resource represents a single task in a geoprocessing service published using the ArcGIS Server and it supports one of the following two main operations: Execute - performed on a geoprocessing task resource when the execution type is synchronous. The only applicable events are ExecuteComplete and Fault. SubmitJob - performed on an asynchronous geoprocessing task resource. The only applicable events are JobComplete, Cancel, and Fault. In addition, for a jobId: GetInput - checks status of the job identified by jobId. The only applicable events are GetInputComplete and Fault. GetResultData - checks status of the job identified by jobId. The only applicable events are GetResultDataComplete and Fault. GetResultImageLayer - checks status of the job identified by jobId. The only applicable events are GetResultImageComplete and Fault. CheckStatus - checks status of the job identified by jobId. The only applicable events are StatusUpdate and Fault. Set the Url to the ArcGIS Server REST resource that receives the geoprocessing request.
ClassGetResultImageEventArgs EventArgs for the Geoprocessor.GetResultImageCompleted geoprocessor event.
ClassGetResultImageLayerEventArgs EventArgs for the Geoprocessor.GetResultImageLayerCompleted geoprocessor event.
ClassGPBoolean A boolean input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPDataFile A data file input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPDate A date input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPDouble A double input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPExecuteCompleteEventArgs EventArgs for the Geoprocessor.ExecuteCompleted geoprocessor event.
ClassGPExecuteResults The results of executing a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPFeatureRecordSetLayer Represents a GPFeatureRecordSetLayer geoprocessing task inputs. For a large set of geometries, you can specify the Url property to the input features stored in a JSON structure in a file on a public server.
ClassGPItemID This item represents and item that has been uploaded to the GPServer endpoint using the new Upload ability in ArcGIS Server v10.1. a GPItemID can be used in place of GPDataFile and GPRasterData by uploading the required item to the server then passing the ItemID to the Geoprocessing task instead.
ClassGPLinearUnit A linear unit input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPLong An input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPMessage Represents a message generated during the execution of a geoprocessing task. It includes information such as when the processing started, what parameter values are being used, the task progress, warnings of potential problems and errors.
ClassGPMultiValue<T> A MultiValue input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGPParameter Base class for parameters passed to geoprocessing tasks.
ClassGPParameterEventArgs EventArgs for the Geoprocessor.GetResultDataCompleted and Geoprocessor.GetInputCompleted geoprocessor events.
ClassGPRasterData A raster data file input to a geoprocessing task. This is used for parameters of type GPRasterData or GPRasterDataLayer.
ClassGPRecordSet Represents a GPRecordSet geoprocessing task inputs. For a large set of records, you can specify the Url property to the input records stored in a JSON structure in a file on a public server.
ClassGPResultImageLayer Layer containing an image result from a geoprocessing task
ClassGPServiceInfo GP Service Info
ClassGPServiceInfoEventArgs EventArgs for the Geoprocessor.GetServiceInfoCompleted geoprocessor event.
ClassGPString A string input to a geoprocessing task.
ClassGraphicsEventArgs EventArgs for service operations that return a list of Graphic objects.
ClassIdentifyEventArgs EventArgs for the IdentifyTask.ExecuteCompleted event of the IdentifyTask.
ClassIdentifyParameters The parameters used to execute the IdentifyTask.
ClassIdentifyResult A result from executing the IdentifyTask.
ClassIdentifyTask Task for identifying features from a map service.
ClassIdentityTransformation IdentityTransformation
ClassImageServiceAddParameters ImageServiceAddParameters
ClassImageServiceEditBaseParameters ImageServiceEditBaseParameters
ClassImageServiceEditEventArgs EventArgs for the ImageServiceEditTask.AddRastersCompleted, ImageServiceEditTask.UpdateRasterCompleted, and ImageServiceEditTask.DeleteRastersCompleted event of the ImageServiceEditTask.
ClassImageServiceEditResultItem An item in the results from an edit operation in ImageService.
ClassImageServiceEditResults ImageServiceEditResults
ClassImageServiceIdentifyEventArgs EventArgs for the ImageServiceIdentifyTask.ExecuteCompleted event of the ImageServiceIdentifyTask.
ClassImageServiceIdentifyParameters The parameters used to execute the IdentifyTask against a image service layer that has a catalog of images.
ClassImageServiceIdentifyResult A result from executing the IdentifyTask.
ClassImageServiceIdentifyTask Task for identifying features from a image service.
ClassImageServiceUpdateParameters ImageServiceUpdateParameters
ClassJobInfo Represents information pertaining to the execution of an asynchronous geoprocessing task on the server.
ClassJobInfoEventArgs EventArgs for the Geoprocessor.StatusUpdated and Geoprocessor.JobCompleted geoprocessor events.
ClassLengthsEventArgs EventArgs for the GeometryService.LengthsCompleted event.
ClassLinearUncertaintyValue Class that represents a linear measurement value that contains an uncertainty value.
ClassLocation Location
ClassLocator Represents a geocode service resource exposed by the ArcGIS Server REST API. It is used to generate candidates for an address. It also used to find an address for a given location.
ClassLocatorFindEventArgs EventArgs for the Find Locator geocode service operation.
ClassLocatorFindParameters Parameters for the find geocode service operation.
ClassLocatorFindResult LocatorFindResult contains information found from a find geocode service operation.
ClassMensurationAreaEventArgs Result event argument for MensurationTask.AreaAndPerimeterCompleted.
ClassMensurationAreaParameter Class used to define parameters for the MensurationTask.AreaAndPerimeterAsync task.
ClassMensurationAreaResult Result object for the MensurationTask.AreaAndPerimeterAsync task.
ClassMensurationHeightEventArgs Result event argument for MensurationTask.HeightFromBaseAndTopCompleted, MensurationTask.HeightFromBaseAndTopShadowCompleted and MensurationTask.HeightFromTopAndTopShadowCompleted.
ClassMensurationHeightParameter Class used to define parameters for the MensurationTask.HeightFromBaseAndTopAsync, MensurationTask.HeightFromBaseAndTopShadowAsync and MensurationTask.HeightFromTopAndTopShadowAsynctasks.
ClassMensurationHeightResult Result object for the MensurationTask.HeightFromBaseAndTopAsync, MensurationTask.HeightFromBaseAndTopShadowAsync and MensurationTask.HeightFromTopAndTopShadowAsync tasks.
ClassMensurationLengthEventArgs Result event argument for MensurationTask.DistanceAndAngleCompleted.
ClassMensurationLengthParameter Class used to define parameters for the MensurationTask.DistanceAndAngleAsync task.
ClassMensurationLengthResult Result object for the MensurationTask.DistanceAndAngleAsync task.
ClassMensurationParameterBase Abstract base class that has properties that MensurationLengthParameter, MensurationAreaParameter,MensurationHeightParameter, MensurationPointParameter, have in common.
ClassMensurationPointEventArgs Result event argument for MensurationTask.CentroidCompleted and MensurationTask.PointCompleted.
ClassMensurationPointParameter Class used to define parameters for the MensurationTask.CentroidAsync and MensurationTask.PointAsync tasks.
ClassMensurationPointResult Result object for the MensurationTask.CentroidAsync and MensurationTask.PointAsync task.
ClassMensurationResultBase Abstract base class that has common properties for all Mensuration results. MensurationHeightResult,MensurationLengthResult, MensurationAreaResult and MensurationPointResult.
ClassMensurationTask Class that provides various measurement services for an ESRI.ArcGIS.Client.ArcGISImageServiceLayer.
ClassOffsetParameters Parameters contains additional properties that defines how the offset task will be preformed
ClassOrderByField OrderByField is used to indicate a sorting order for a particular field.
ClassOutFields The fields to return in a QueryTask FeatureSet.
ClassOutStatistic Contains information about performing a statistic analysis on a field.
ClassParameterInfo Parameter Info
ClassPolynomialTransformation PolynomialTransformation
ClassProjectiveTransformation ProjectiveTransformation
ClassQuery The parameters used to execute the QueryTask.
ClassQueryCountEventArgs EventArgs for the QueryTask.ExecuteCountCompleted event.
ClassQueryEventArgs EventArgs for the QueryTask.ExecuteCompleted event.
ClassQueryTask Task for querying a layer from a map service.
ClassRelationEventArgs EventArgs for the relation geometry service operation.
ClassRelationshipEventArgs EventArgs for the ExecuteRelationshipQueryCompleted event.
ClassRelationshipParameter The RelationshipParameter contains properties to define a relationship when using the ExecuteRelationshipQuery or ExecuteRelationshipQueryAsync Method of the QueryTask.
ClassRelationshipResult The result returned after the ExecuteRelationshipQuery or ExecuteRelationshipQueryAsync is performed by the QueryTask.
ClassRouteClosestFacilityParameters Input parameters for a RouteTask.SolveClosestFacilityAsync.
ClassRouteEventArgs EventArgs for the RouteTask.SolveCompleted event.
ClassRouteParameters Input parameters for a RouteTask.SolveAsync.
ClassRouteResult Represents the route result - which, together with barriers and messages make up the RouteEventArgs.
ClassRouteServiceAreaParameters Parameters indicate guidelines that are required when determining what the service area of a facility.
ClassRouteTask Solves routing problems by finding a least-cost path between multiple locations.
ClassServiceException Exception that represents an error returned from the REST API
ClassTaskBase Base class for tasks.
ClassTaskEventArgs Base EventArgs for the task events.
ClassTaskFailedEventArgs EventArgs for the Fault task event.
ClassTimeOption Contains properties to indicate how to render an individual sub-layer of a time-enabled ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer.
ClassUncertaintyValueBase Class that represents a measurement that contains an uncertainty value.
ClassUniqueValueDefinition UniqueValueDefinition
ClassUploadEventArgs EventArgs for the UploadTask.UploadCompleted event of the UploadTask.
ClassUploadItem UploadItem
ClassUploadParameters The parameters used to execute the UploadTask.
ClassUploadProgressEventArgs EventArgs for the UploadTask.UploadProgress event of the UploadTask.
ClassUploadResult UploadResult
ClassUploadTask Task for uploading resource to GP Service, Feature Service and Image Service


InterfaceIGeodataTransformation Interface for all GeodataTransformations ProjectiveTransformation, PolynomialTransformation and IdentityTransformation


EnumerationAlgorithm Algorithm
EnumerationAreaUnit Unit of measurement for an Area
EnumerationCalculationType CalculationType indicates different ways to handle geometry calculations for geometry service tasks.
EnumerationClassificationMethod ClassificationMethod
EnumerationCurveExtension Trim / Extend enumeration is used for TrimExtend Geometry service
EnumerationesriJobStatus The status of a geoprocessing job.
EnumerationesriUnits ESRI measurement units.
EnumerationFacilityReturnType The type of facility to be returned.
EnumerationFacilityTravelDirection Enumeration used to indicate there starting and ending points for directions
EnumerationGeodataTransformApplyMethod Describes how geodata transformations are applied.
EnumerationGeometryOffset Offset enumeration
EnumerationGeometryRelation SpatialRelationship enumeration.
EnumerationGeometryType The geometry type.
EnumerationGPMessageType An enumeration containing the types of messages returned from a geoprocessing task.
EnumerationGPResultImageLayer.RestImageFormat REST imageformats
EnumerationLayerOption LayerOption enumeration.
EnumerationLinearUnit Represents a linear unit of distance.
EnumerationSortOrder SortOrder is used to determine the sorting order of data in a query task.
EnumerationSpatialRelationship SpatialRelationship enumeration.
EnumerationStandardDeviationInterval StandardDeviationInterval used when ClassificationMethod is StandardDeviation
EnumerationStatisticType Indicates an aggregation operation for statistic analysis.
EnumerationTimeOfDayUsage Enumeration used in RouteClosestFacilityParameters to determine if routes should be calculated based on the time a route starts or based on the time the route should end.
EnumerationTimeOffsetUnits The TimeOffsetUnits class is an enumeration used to indicate a unit of measurement for a time offset.

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