OGC support

Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC), web services provide a way that you can make your maps and data available in an open, internationally recognized format over the web. OGC has defined specifications for making maps and data available on the web to anyone with a supported client application. All developers are free to use the OGC specifications to consume services in supported clients. ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java allows you to consume the following service:

Service type


OGC Web Map Service (WMS)

A Web Map Service delivers georeferenced map images. A WMS service may also contain a Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) to specify how the WMS layer is symbolized and portrayed.

Considerations for using OGC WMS services

OGC services provide open access to geographic data and software functionality, allowing organizations to incorporate geographic information systems (GIS) into any application on a variety of computing and mobile devices. These open services help improve the sharing and interoperability of spatial information. There can be associated challenges with OGC services; for example, some are being served out on relatively old servers that can cause performance issues when displaying in newer applications. In addition, there can be issues related to the support of tiling schemes or projections of layers on a basemap.


Below are the current limitations of using OGC services in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java.

  • Pop-up windows cannot be enabled in OGC services.
  • You cannot edit features in OGC services.
  • You cannot set the visibility range on OGC service layers.
  • Secure OGC service layers are not supported.

Further reading

The link below contains more information about OGC services:

You can learn more about OGC services at the Open Geospatial Consortium website. Esri also maintains a help topic detailing its support for OGC services in ArcGIS.