About result map services

ArcGIS Server geoprocessing services can be published with the Result Map Service option enabled. The geoprocessing server creates an accompanying map service that visually represents the outputs of the geoprocessing service task. This resulting map service can then be added to your ArcGIS Runtime application as a Dynamic Map Service.

Local geoprocessing services can also be started with this option by specifying the GPServiceType to Submit Job With Map Server Result when starting the service. This will result in three RuntimeLocalServer processes, one to do the work, the second to monitor the progress of the geoprocessing task, and the third to host the resulting map service.

What layers are displayed in the results map service?

The resulting map service will contain a layer for each output parameter. The order of the layers corresponds to the order of the output parameters.

The Result Map Service will contain a layer for all the geodataset output parameters such as the GPFeatureRecordSetLayer and the GPRasterDataLayer. If the output of a GPString parameter references a geodataset, it will be added to the Result Map Service as a layer.

How are the layers in the result map service symbolized?

The map service’s symbology for both the online and local geoprocessing services is based on the symbology of the output layer that resulted from running the geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Desktop during the publishing process.

Refer to Defining output symbology for geoprocessing tasks for additional information on setting the symbology for a result map service.

When to use a result map service?

Working with result map services in Java

When a geoprocessing service task has finished successfully, the Dynamic Map service will become available. To access this map service and add it to your map, create a new instance of an ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer and pass in the url of the geoprocessing service and the GPJobResource.

Adding a result map service to your map

ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer resultMapService = new ArcGISDynamicMapServiceLayer(gp.getUrl(), jobResource);