Spatial Data Server feature services

ArcGIS Spatial Data Server (SDS) is a low-memory-footprint application that lets you use a feature service to serve the geometries, attributes, symbols, and template information for vector data stored in a database using native spatial storage within the database. In effect it comprises just the feature server component of ArcGIS for Server. SDS also lets you edit data in a database through the feature service. SDS enables you to query and display spatial data in a database as features in client applications, such as the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java. The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java includes three core component, or classes, that you will use to interact with and display these features: FeatureLayer, GraphicsLayer, and QueryTask.

This section contains information to assist you in understanding the capabilities and use of spatial data hosted by SDS from the perspective of an ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java application. The following topics present details on discovering and consuming spatial data via SDS in your application: