Control military labels using the Dictionary Renderer

You can use a DictionaryRenderer to control the display of military symbol labels, such as their visibility and their scale thresholds. To do this you need to associate a DictionaryRenderer with each of the graphics layers contained in the MessageGroupLayer. The MessageGroupLayer is used by the MessageProcessor to display the individual military symbols.

The Message Processor supports a number of different message types. For the MIL-STD-2525C and APP-6B symbol dictionary types there are 3 message types:

As the message processor receives and processes messages, graphics layers will be created for each report type which are stored in the message group layer. There may be up to 3 graphics layers created for each message type for points, lines and polygons.

As an example, if a range of position reports are processed, the message group layer may contain the following graphics layers:

The graphics layers are created as they are needed, so if the message processor receives only point based force elements, then the graphics layers for lines and areas will not exist.