Bing Maps overview

Bing Maps offers access to rich map imagery and data as well as robust search, location, and routing services. Access to the Bing services platform requires explicit registration with Microsoft. The subsequent use of Bing services in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java requires that you generate and provide a key when utilizing a Bing component.

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java uses Bing Maps imagery that is set to a Bing Maps key. Bing Maps keys can only be used with Bing Maps production services and they do not expire. The key is included in each request to a Bing Maps service to authorize access.

Creating a key using the Bing Maps Portal

A key can be created using the Bing Maps Portal by doing the following steps:

  1. In a browser, navigate to Bing Maps Account Center.
  2. Create or use a Windows Live ID to log in.
  3. Click the "Create or view keys" link and add an application name and URL to create a key. Currently the name and URL are not validated.
  4. Copy the key, which is available on the same page, and use it for Bing components in the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java.