Getting started with the SDK

This topic describes getting started with the SDK using the Sample Application. Another way to get started with the SDK would be by creating a Java map application with the project wizard.

Getting started with the Sample Application

The ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java Sample Application allows you to run many small sample applications and view the code for each sample. Samples are organised by functional area and you can browse them using a tree view by expanding nodes and clicking on either sample titles or subcategories. Each sample has a thumbnail image and short description in the sample gallery next to the tree view. You can also search all sample code using the top search box to find the samples or code you need. The majority of samples use online data; this is indicated in the tree view by the word 'Online' after the sample title. Some samples use map packages and other local data which has been installed with the SDK.

Java sample application screenshot

Lauching the Sample Application on Windows

  1. Navigate to 'Start Menu > All Programs > ArcGIS > Runtime SDK 10.1.1 for Java > ArcGIS Runtime Java Samples 10.1.1'.
  2. Run the 'Mapping > Tiled Layers > Tiled Layer' sample, you should see a map similar to the thumbnail above.
  3. By default each sample is rendered using DirectX. If a sample map application does not display and the following console message appears (click on the top right console icon to show the console window), ensure you have installed DirectX according to the system requirements.

    " DirectX Error: This may be caused by missing DirectX End-User Runtime installation."

  4. Alternatively, you can render the Sample Application using OpenGL by using the following argument to the JVM:


    If any of the following messages appear in the console then ensure you have installed OpenGL according to the system requirements.

    "OpenGL Error: This may be caused by the OpenGL drivers not being version 2.1 or higher. Note that remote desktop is not supported.""

    "OpenGL does not support the minimum version required!"

    "Required OpenGL extension is not available!"

Launching the Sample Application on Linux

In RedHat: simply navigate to 'Applications > ArcGIS > Runtime SDK for Java 10.1.1 > ArcGIS Runtime Java Samples 10.1.1'.

In Ubuntu: navigate to the directory where you chose to install the SDK. If you chose the default installation directory, the Sample Application should be in $HOME/arcgis/runtime_sdk/java10.1.1/sdk/samples/samplecode. Double click on the file to launch the sample application.