About the ArcGIS Portal Directory


The /portaladmin application of the ArcGIS Portal Directory is only available at 10.2.1 and later versions. This application did not exist at 10.2.

The ArcGIS Portal Directory is an interactive view of the ArcGIS REST API's resources for working with the portal. There are two web applications with different URLs that you'll use to browse the capabilities of the portal and execute operations.

The available tasks vary between URLs, as described below.


Accessing the Portal Directory over the URL https://webadaptor.domain.com/arcgis/portaladmin allows you to perform certain administrative functions not available in the portal website. You'll primarily use this URL to do the following:


Accessing the Portal Directory over the URL https://webadaptor.domain.com/arcgis/sharing/rest allows you to perform the following: