Configuring a hosting server for your portal

You can configure one of your federated ArcGIS Server sites to be a hosting server for the portal. This allows members of your portal organization who are publishers to publish tiled map services and feature services to the portal. The services are hosted by ArcGIS Server on the back end, but your portal users don't have to know anything about ArcGIS Server.

To designate your ArcGIS Server as the portal's hosting server, you must first federate the server with the portal.

Then you must set up the portal's data storage. Specifically, each hosting server needs access to an enterprise geodatabase where the data can be stored when users publish feature services. This is called ArcGIS Server's managed database, and you must register one of your enterprise geodatabases with ArcGIS Server to fill this role.

Once you have the managed database registered, you must then specify the server as your portal's hosting server.

Register managed databases

For a server site to be a hosting server, it must have an enterprise geodatabase registered as ArcGIS Server's managed database. When users publish hosted feature services to your portal, the data will be copied to this geodatabase.


For more information on what is requried to register a managed database, see the topic in the ArcGIS Server documentation specific to your database management system:

From ArcGIS Server Manager, you can import the connection file for the enterprise geodatabase to register it as the server's managed database, as described in the following steps:

  1. Log in to ArcGIS Server Manager and click Site.

    To log in to Manager in a federated site, you must use a URL format such as and enter the username and password of a portal administrator.

  2. Go to the Data Store page.
  3. Next to the Registered Databases dialog box, click the drop-down arrow next to Register Database and select Register Managed Database.
  4. Enter a unique name for the database. Names can be alphanumeric and can contain spaces.
  5. Next to the Server database connection section, click Import.

    This opens a window where you can browse to the database connection file on disk.

  6. Click Create. ArcGIS Server's Managed Database is registered and appears on the Registered Databases dialog box.

Specify the server as your portal's hosting server

You must specify which server to use as the portal's hosting server.

  1. Sign in to the portal website as an administrator and browse to My Organization > Edit Settings > Servers.
  2. From the Hosting Server section of the page, click the drop-down list and choose one of the ArcGIS Server sites you have federated with the portal. If you have added multiple ArcGIS Server sites to your portal, only one can be designated as the hosting server.
  3. Click Save.

You should now be able to publish services to the portal using the portal website or the My Hosted Services node in the Catalog tree in ArcMap.

These services will appear in a folder named Hosted, which you will see when you view your services in Manager.

If you have not already done so, you should now configure utility services for your portal.