ArcGIS Server command line utilities

ArcGIS Server includes some scriptable utilities that allow you to administer the server from batch files or the operating system command line. These are installed as a series of Python scripts in <ArcGIS for Server installation location>\tools\admin.

With these utilities, you can do things such as:

Common parameters

The parameters below are used in many of the utilities.




The name of an ArcGIS Server user who will execute the utility. The user must have the appropriate level of privileges to execute the action.


The password of the user who was specified with the -u parameter.


The URL of the site, in one of the following formats:



Passes the token to the server when the utility is executed. If this parameter is omitted, HTTP authentication is used.


Prints help for the utility.

In the following example, you can see these parameters at work. This example uses the -lc (list clusters) command of the Manage Site utility to list the clusters in the site:

<Python installation location>\python.exe "C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Server\tools\admin\" -u admin -p admin -s -t -lc
===Clusters on this site===
- default
- geocluster

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