Version properties

Geodatabase versions have a set of associated properties that help you identify and work with the versions. Most of these properties are set when a version is created. Some properties, such as the version name and description, can be altered by the version owner or the geodatabase administrator.

You can view version properties on the Versions tab of the Geodatabase Administration dialog box. To access this, right-click the database connection in the Catalog tree, point to Administration, click Administer Geodatabase, then click the Versions tab. Or click the Version Manager button Version Manager on the Versioning toolbar in ArcMap.

There are three subtabs at the bottom of the Versions tab that are available to all users: Transactional, Historical, and Tree View. The Transactional and Tree View tabs show information about transactional versions. The Historical tab displays information about historical versions.

If you connect to the geodatabase as the geodatabase administrator, a fourth subtab is available on the Versions tab: the Reconcile Order subtab. Reconcile Order only lists the transactional versions that are preventing the DEFAULT version from being compressed to state 0. This allows the geodatabase administrator to see which versions need to be reconciled with DEFAULT and in what order.

A different set of properties is stored for transactional and historical versions.

Transactional version properties

The Properties pane on the Transactional, Tree View, and Reconcile Order tabs is the same. When you choose a version in the list, the properties are shown for the selected version. An example is shown here:

Version properties

This example shows the properties of a transactional version named gdbversion1, which was created by the user GDB from the DEFAULT version of the geodatabase. The access permissions are set to Protected, which means all connecting users can view the version but only the GDB user or the geodatabase administrator can edit the version or the data in it. The version was created and last modified on 12/14/2010. This version does not participate in a replica (Is Replica is False) and is not locked by any user (Is Locked is False), but it is preventing the DEFAULT version from compressing back to state 0 (Is Blocking is True).

If you are connected to the geodatabase as the version owner or geodatabase administrator, you can alter the name, description, and access permissions for the selected geodatabase version.

Historical version properties

Historical versions show the state of the data at a particular date and time. The properties displayed for historical versions on the Versions tab of the Geodatabase Administration dialog box include the historical version name and the database date and time to which the version refers. Anyone can change the name and date/time properties of a historical version.

Properties of a historical version

To learn more about historical versions and the dates and times they reference, see Working with historical versions.