Unpacking a locator package

Unpacking a locator package extracts the contents of the package into an output folder. You can use the unpacked locator or composite locator for geocoding.


Locator packages are not supported in ArcGIS 10.0 or earlier versions.

Unpacking will always extract the locators into your user profile under:


If you want to specify a different output folder, you can use the Extract Package tool to unpack the locator package. The tool's dialog box allows you to specify an output folder.

This illustration shows you the file folder structure of the locator package after it is unpacked. A single locator will be saved in a unique folder under the output folder name. A composite locator and each participating locator are saved in a unique folder under the output folder name.

Locator package folder structure

The output folder can be a new folder or a preexisting folder on disk. If extracting the package to an existing folder, the package contents will overwrite all files and folders that have the same name.

Right after the locator is unpacked, it will be automatically added to your map in ArcMap or ArcGlobe.

  1. In ArcCatalog, right-click the locator package you want to unpack.
  2. Click Unpack on the context menu.

    The locator extracted from the locator package will be automatically added to the map in ArcMap. The Address Locator Manager dialog box will open showing the list of locators.

  3. Click Close to close the Address Locator Manager dialog box.
  4. Alternatively, you can drag the .gcpk file into ArcMap to unpack the locator package. Double-clicking the locator package file (.gcpk) in Windows Explorer will also unpack the package.

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