Saving web maps

Once you have authored a web map, you can save it as an item in the system. By default, it is private and only you can access it. If you want, you can share your saved map with others, either with everybody (public) or with groups or the organization you belong to. You can also save a copy of any map that is not owned by you; you cannot update an existing one you do not own.

To save a web map, follow the steps below.

  1. Verify that you are logged in.
  2. Open the map you want to save in the map viewer.
  3. Click Save.
    1. If you own the map and want to update it or save it for the first time, click Save.
    2. If you own the map and want to save a copy of the original map, click Save As.
    3. If you do not own the map, click Save As to save a copy of the original map. You cannot update a map you do not own.
  4. If you are saving the map for the first time or saving a copy of the map, follow the steps below:
    1. Type a title.
    2. Type tags. Alternatively, you can click the Choose from your tags link to open the list of tags you've used previously and choose the tags you want to use for this item.
      Tags are words or short phrases that describe your item. Separate terms with commas. Federal land is considered one tag, while Federal, land is considered two tags. It is useful to enter keywords related to how you want others to use your application (for example, code sample, template, or user application).
    3. Enter a summary that describes the map.
    4. Choose a folder in My Content where you want to save the map.
    5. Click Save.

Once you've saved your map, it appears on My Content and you can edit the item details and share it with everybody (public) or groups you belong to. Once you've shared it, you can post it on a social networking site such as Twitter, e-mail a link, embed it in a website or blog, or create an application with the map.


Your organization may restrict members from sharing items outside the organization. If this is the case, users and publishers won't see options to share content or groups with everybody (public). Administrators, however, can choose to share any item in the organization publicly.