Managing your profile

Your profile contains your user settings. This includes any descriptive information you've added about yourself, who can see your profile, your user name, the language and region of the site, your role in your organization, the name of your organization, and the URL of your organization's home page.

Modifying your profile

To modify your profile, verify that you are logged in, then click your name in the top banner. This opens your profile page. Click the Edit my profile button to edit your descriptive information who can see your profile, and the language of the website.

Descriptive information

Adding a description of yourself helps others know more about you, your groups, and the content you've shared. Your profile can connect you with others who have similar interests and establish your authority in geographic information, map design, application development, and so on. It can also promote interest in joining your groups and using maps and applications you've shared.

Useful descriptive information includes contact information and your areas of expertise, interests, and anything else you'd like others to know about you.

If you want, you can add a thumbnail image to your description, such as a picture of yourself, a logo, or anything that represents you.

Thumbnail image tips

Who can see your profile

By default, members of your organization can search for your name to find content and groups owned by you and to invite you to join their groups. If you have a public account, by default, everyone (public) can view your profile. If you do not want others to search for your user name, select Private next to Who can see your profile?


If you set your profile to private, you cannot be invited to join groups because owners will not see your name in the Invite Users window.

User name

Your account user name appears as the owner name for your content and groups. The user name cannot be edited.

The first and last names of your account appear on your profile when somebody clicks the owner name of your content and groups. If your account is a public account or an organizational account that you originally created as an Esri Global Account, you can edit the first and last names of your account. You can also change other information on your account, such as your e-mail address. To update your account information, open, log in, and click the Edit account link. The update your Esri Global Account page opens where you can edit your name and contact information. You cannot edit organizational accounts that you or your administrator created when you joined the organization.

Language and region

If you are a member of an organization, your administrator may have set the language and region for the organization. You can change the language you see by updating your profile. You cannot change the region. If you have a public account, you can set your preferred language and preferred region through your profile. See Setting language and region for more information.