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Guide to the service examples

Each example describes a geoprocessing service using different functionality. These topics assume you are familiar with geoprocessing and ArcGIS Server and you do not need step-by-step instructions on how to create models or publish services. Rather, they focus on particular aspects of the service, providing step-by-step instructions only when more advanced concepts are introduced. These example services were carefully chosen to demonstrate the following:

Downloading the example data

Each topic in this book has a corresponding folder that contains data, toolboxes, and map documents of the completed examples listed in the table below. You will need to download the data from ArcGIS.com. The download is a .zip file. Open the zip file and copy the GP Service Examples folder to C:\arcgis\ArcTutor.

At the top of the page of each topic listed below, you will find the name of the corresponding folder located in the GP Service Examples folder. Typically, you should copy the corresponding folder from the ArcTutor directory to another folder before making changes or publishing the services.





Creates a watershed polygon from input points

Stream Network

Produces a stream network for cartographic display

Clip and Ship

Extracts data based on area of interest polygons, creates a file geodatabase of the extracted features, compresses the geodatabase into a .zip file, and optionally customizes the spatial reference parameter for the model

Selecting Data

Shows a variety of ways to select data by attribute and location, then prints the output as a text or .pdf file

Geometric Trace

Explains how to configure a geoprocessing service to conduct a network trace on a geometric network

Listing, Creating and Deleting Geodatabase Versions

Describes how to create a geoprocessing service with tasks that list, create and delete geodatabase versions. These can be used with feature and map services to create applications involving geodatabase versions.

Printing Service

Explains how to configure the Export Web Map tool to publish as a service, which will provide a custom print solution for your ArcGIS Server instance

Drive-time polygons

Generates a polygon that covers the parts of a street network that can be reached within a given time or distance

Shortest route on a street network

Finds the best driving route between points while accounting for traffic conditions

Quick guide to the examples

While authoring geoprocessing services in ArcMap, it is advised that you disable background processing.

Learn more about background processing

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