Supported functionality in map services

The following list shows which functionality is supported with the map services drawing engine:

Data types

The following data types are available:

Layer symbology

The following layer symbology options are available:


The Standard Label Engine is available, as well as annotation. The Maplex Label Engine is available but is recommended for cached maps only.

Layer types

The following layer types are available:

Graphic elements

The following graphic elements are available:

Dynamic layers

Dynamic layers allow clients to change layer appearance and behavior on the fly in a map service. Using dynamic layers, you can do the following things:

Dynamic layers are supported by REST, COM, and non-Esri SOAP clients. Additionally, dynamic layers only support feature layers and raster layers from the following data sources:

Raster symbology

Most raster symbology is available. The raster pan-sharpening filter is also available. Hillshading on the fly is not available.


Most 2D symbols are available, but 3D symbols are not supported.

The following symbols are available:

Cartographic representation rules are supported, although using representations with map services is recommended for cached maps only.


Additional features that are available include:

Page layouts and display expressions are not available. Scale bars are available through the service's Web Service Description Language (WSDL) only.