Entering specific x,y coordinates when georeferencing

  1. In ArcMap, add the layers residing in map coordinates and the raster dataset you want to georeference.

    Adding the data with the map coordinate system first is a good workflow so that you do not need to set the data frame coordinate system.

    If you do not have a dataset with map coordinates, then you must set the data frame coordinate system before continuing.

  2. To display the Georeferencing toolbar, click the Customize menu, point to Toolbars, then click Georeferencing.
  3. In the table of contents, right-click a target layer (the referenced dataset) and click Zoom to Layer.
  4. Click the View Link Table button View Link Table on the Georeferencing toolbar.
  5. Click the Add Control Points tool Add Control Points.
  6. Click a known location in the unreferenced image to add the first coordinate in the link.

    Press ESC to remove a link while you're in the middle of creating it.

  7. Right-click the image and click Input X and Y.
  8. Type the reference coordinates on the Enter Coordinates dialog box.
  9. Click OK.
You can delete an unwanted link from the Link Table dialog box.

You can permanently transform your raster dataset after georeferencing by using the Rectify command (click the Georeferencing drop-down menu and click Rectify), the Warp tool, or the Warp From File tool.

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