Installing Esri Business Analyst 2014 data

The installation process copies the necessary files to your machine so you can work with the Esri Business Analyst Desktop and Server software. Before installing the 2014 data, close all applications on your computer and verify that your computer meets the system requirements.

Each file size is around 8 Gb. Make sure to have about 65 Gb of free space on the disk where your setup files will be, and about 41 Gb on the disk where the data will be installed to. If they go to the same disk, then you are going to need about 106 Gb of free space on that disk. After you finish installation of the data, you can delete 65 Gb of setup files.


The open source program 7Zip is required to extract and automatically reassemble the Business Analyst Data file archives. You will need to install 7Zip to extract the necessary files from the downloads. You may download 7Zip from the official site: .

  1. On the My Esri site, browse to My Organizations > Products > Downloads.
  2. Click View Downloads for Esri Business Analyst 10.2.2, and click Download for #1 Esri Business Analyst 2014 Data. (Repeat the process for #2 Esri Business Analyst 2014 Data and #3 Esri Business Analyst 2014 Data)

    The Esri Download Manager web page appears.

  3. Click Click to download your file now.

    The Destination Folder for Files dialog box appears.

  4. Keep the default location or click Browse to choose a different location to extract the files.

    Three compressed files, from My Esri, will be downloaded to a folder on your local drive. They are as follows:

    • ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update.7z.001
    • ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update.7z.002
    • ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update.7z.003

  5. Click OK.

    The Launch button appears on the Esri Download Manager once the installation files have been downloaded successfully.

  6. Right click ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update.7z.001, select 7-Zip>Extract Here:

    It's a long running process that will take around 15 minutes on a modern machine. As a result you will have a subfolder called ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update that will have setup.exe and all accompanying files:


    You will only need to extract from the first compressed file (ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update.7z.001).

    The extraction process automatically extracts and reassembles Files 001, 002, and 003 to create a full 2014 Data Update setup. Do not attempt to extract Files 002 or 003.

  7. Run setup.exe from ESRI_BA_2014_US_Data_Update folder.

    During the Business Analyst Data setup, you will be presented with two installation options:

    • Typical Data Install - This is the default installation, which will automatically load all Business Analyst data components to your local hard drive to a default location, C:\arcgis\Business Analyst\US_xxxx. This will require approximately 41 GB of disk space.
    • Custom Install - The Custom option is recommended for users with limited disk space on the local hard drive where ArcGIS Desktop is located or for those who do not need to install all the data components. This option allows you to select which data components you wish to install and where you want to install them. You can also choose to not install any data components, and run Business Analyst from the USB media or from a network location. The following is a list of Business Analyst components and their approximate sizes:

      Esri Demographic Data

      9.15 GB

      Business & Shopping Center Data

      5.93 GB

      Geocoding Data

      10.7 GB

      Streets and background Data

      11.8 GB

    All data component locations can be changed after installing Business Analyst. To do so, open the Business Analyst Preferences > Datasets tab to modify the individual component locations.