Esri Business Analyst Server is a powerful out of the box server-based enterprise solution for business. Business Analyst Server integrates business logic with Geographic Information System (GIS) technology in an enterprise environment with the capabilities to publish and share business data, maps, analyses, workflows, and reports throughout organizations on a server-oriented architecture. Business Analyst Server can integrate with other enterprise systems.

Business Analyst Server combines ArcGIS for Server technology developed by Esri with the business analyses using extensive business, demographic, and consumer data, and tools with built-in business intelligence specifically designed to perform spatial-business assessments, providing a complete geointelligent business solution. This server-based solution has the built-in capability to solve business problems using business analysis tools. This solution product allows combining your most commonly used business tools into workflows. Business Analyst Server leverages the business analyses and reporting within browser-based thin client applications. Business Analyst Server extends the three step ArcGIS methodology, Author - Serve - Use, to business users.

Business Analyst Server comes with data and tools; tools that make it easy for you to access the data. The tools are easily accessible in Web browsers. The data is less visible but adds immense value to the product. Click to get more information on Esri Data.

Use this guide to get Business Analyst Server up and running.

For additional information, see the Business Analyst Server Resource Center.