Installing Esri Business Analyst Desktop silently

Esri Business Analyst Desktop can be installed without a user interface (UI) by running the setup using Windows Installer command line parameters. To run the Windows Installer with command line parameters, you execute setup.exe from the command line.


Upgrading to 10.2.2? For more information, see Existing Esri Business Analyst users.


Esri Business Analyst Desktop installation command line parameters

The following are explanations of the parameters:



Path to installer

The path to the setup.exe file or setup.msi file.


/q, which provides a basic UI with a progress bar and error handling

How to perform a silent installation of Esri Business Analyst Desktop

The following is an example that uses the setup command to perform a silent installation:

c:\Esri_Business_Analyst\setup.exe /q

How to perform a silent installation of Esri Business Analyst 2014 data

For installing Esri Business Analyst data in the default configuration, this following command should be run:

msiexec /i <PATH_TO_DATA_SETUP_FOLDER>setup.msi /q

You can also select which data features will be installed using ADDLOCAL parameter, e.g.:

msiexec /i <PATH_TO_DATA_SETUP_FOLDER>setup.msi /q ADDLOCAL=Business_Data

In this case only business data will be installed locally. For the 2014 Data Setup, the list of features names are:

  • Demographic_Data
  • Business_Data
  • Shopping_Centers_Data
  • Geocoding_Data
  • ZIP4_Geocoding_Data

If you want to change the data install location (default is C:\ArcGIS\Business Analyst\US_2014), use INSTALLDIR property:

msiexec /i <PATH_TO_DATA_SETUP_FOLDER>setup.msi /q INSTALLDIR=E:\US2014

For setting the custom install folders into separate components, use the following properties:

msiexec /i <PATH_TO_DATA_SETUP_FOLDER>setup.msi /q BUSINESS_DATA=E:\US2014Businesses