Installing Esri Business Analyst Desktop

The installation process copies the necessary files to your machine so you can work with the Esri Business Analyst Desktop software. Before installing Business Analyst and the 2014 Data, close all applications on your computer and verify that your computer meets the system requirements.

When installing Business Analyst, the installation is separated into a Software install and a Data install. The individual installs allow flexibility when upgrading versions and data vintages as well as installing different country datasets to the same machine, such as Business Analyst Canadian Edition. The Business Analyst software installs approximately 230 MB of content.

During the Business Analyst Software setup you have the option to set Business Analyst’s feature output directory, called My Output Data. The default location is set to your C: drive, but you can specify any location, such as a shared network location. All output is maintained in a standardized file structure for easy file retrieval and maintenance.


Upgrading to 10.2.2? For more information, see Existing Esri Business Analyst users.

  1. On the My Esri site, browse to My Organizations > Products > Downloads.
  2. Click View Downloads for Esri Business Analyst 10.2.2, and click Download for Esri Business Analyst for Desktop.

    The Esri Download Manager web page appears.

  3. Click Click to download your file now.

    The Destination Folder for Files dialog box appears.

  4. Keep the default location or click Browse to choose a different location to extract the files.

    If you are installing several Esri products, be sure the download location is unique for each product. By default, the directory name is <product_name_and_version>.

  5. Click OK.

    The Launch button appears on the Esri Download Manager once the installation files have been downloaded successfully.

  6. To run the installation, click the Launch button.

    If you want to run the installation at a later time, you can exit out of the Esri Download Manager and double click the installation executables directly to extract the files.

  7. Click Next on the Welcome to the Esri Business Analyst Desktop Installation Wizard dialog box.

    The License Agreement dialog box appears.

  8. Click the I accept the license agreement option.
  9. If necessary, click License to review the legal information.
  10. Click Next.

    The Ready to Install the Program dialog box appears.

  11. Click Install.

    The installation starts.

    The InstallShield Wizard Completed dialog box appears once the installation finishes.

  12. Click Finish.