What's new in ArcGIS Viewer 3.7 for Flex

Version 3.7

This topic describes new functionality, enhancements, and changes for version 3.7. For previous releases, see:

If you're a Flex developer, also see What's new in the API.


Upgrading from an earlier version? It's simple, just use Application Builder. If you are not working with Application Builder, see Upgrading your configuration files.

Editing the source code and compiling the viewer on your own? See Upgrading your Flex Viewer code.

ArcGIS Viewer 3.7 for Flex

Viewer 3.7 is built with version 3.7 of the ArcGIS API for Flex, which contains some API improvements in addition to the improvements listed below:

Improved Application Builder

  • #129 - Added support for OAuth in Portal for ArcGIS 10.3.
  • #120 - Fixed an issue where it is unable to close Application Builder from sign-in page.
  • #119 - Fixed an issue where selecting a web map causes mouse pointer to disappear.
  • #118 - Added the ability to set the copyright via the Configure Layer dialog.
  • #116 - Now allow the "Application name" to have dots as a part of the URL.

For a complete Application Builder list, see the list of closed issues in the GitHub repo.

Improved Viewer

  • NIM103414 - Fixed an issue where the draw widget showed incorrect measurements or alters the measurement for the last drawn polygon.
  • #89 - Added support for unsupported layer types to use a default swatch for the TOC component.
  • #247 - Fixed an issue where most widgets did not use the width and height set in the widget tag.
  • #246 - MapSwitcher now listens for AppEvent.BASEMAP_SWITCH.
  • #240 - Possible to now set tooltips using setMapAction.
  • #236 - Now provides better description to failed geoprocessing jobs.
  • #231 - Fixed an issue where the default Bing Maps culture is always 'en-US' when using WebMap.

For the complete viewer list, see the list of closed issues in the GitHub repo.


There is a known-limit when working with Application Builder in Windows Server 2012. An HTTP error message may display while in the Preview tab. This will not affect the usability of the resulting web application or whether it can be deployed successfully.

Widget enhancements and changes

#89 - Both the LayerListWidget and the BasemapSwitcher widgets work with the TOC component. This component was updated to now provide a default swatch for any unsupported data types. For example, raster catalogs, annotation, dimensions, etc. can now all be displayed within these widgets with a basic default swatch.