Working with packages in ArcGIS Engine

PurposeThis sample demonstrates how to open map and layer packages from As an ArcGIS Engine developer, you can deploy your application and leverage to deploy your data and map documents. Data generally updates more frequently than the application and can be used to easily push updates to the end user. This sample application shows how to work with layer packages, map packages, and Web maps (it first attempts to make a connection to If it can connect, it directly consumes the package. If it cannot make a connection, it searches for the associated layer files and map documents in the known user location where the results of the packages are stored.

How to use

See How to use ArcGIS samples for help on compiling, setting up the debugger, and running the sample. If the sample has associated data, you will find that the sample's zip file includes a "data" folder alongside the language folders. However, you will need to update the sample to point to the location of the data once you have extracted all the files.

  1. Start Visual Studio and open the solution file.
  2. Build and run the solution.
  3. You can use the default uniform resource locator (URL) in the text box or specify your own by following the instructions in the "Accessing packages from" section in the "Working with packages" topic in the "See Also" section at the bottom of this sample.
  4. Click each button to download and open the package.
  5. When you have downloaded the package, the sample works disconnected as it accesses the downloaded data on disk. However, this will not work for Web maps because they require a connection to view the data.

FrmMapControl.vb Contains the code to work with packages.
Download the VB.NET files
FrmMapControl.cs Contains the code to work with packages.
Download the C# files

Download the files for all languages

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