ArcGIS Visual Studio IDE Integration Framework for extending ArcObjects

ESRI provides a number of commands, wizards, and templates that are available through the Visual Studio integrated development environment (IDE) that help you create projects and classes to develop ArcObjects components for customizing ArcGIS more efficiently.

About the integration framework

The ArcGIS Visual Studio IDE Integration Framework is installed as part of the Software Development Kit (SDK) for .NET for each ArcGIS product and is an optional feature during installation. The core framework is available for Visual Studio, Visual Basic Express, Visual C# Express, and Visual Web Developer Express editions. However, due to limitations in the Express versions of Visual Studio, not all features of the framework are supported in the Express editions.

Integration framework elements

Elements of the integration framework include the following:
In addition, Visual Studio—Standard, Professional, and Team System, including all localized versions—installs with the following features:
  • ArcGIS Snippet Finder—Enables ArcGIS developers to find and insert ArcGIS snippets into a Visual Studio project using keyword searches.
You can also find step-by-step instructions on using the various functionality elements in the .NET development walkthroughs.

Visual Studio settings

When you first start Visual Studio, you are prompted to choose development settings; choosing different settings changes the options displayed in Visual Studio in various places. Unless specified, dialog boxes and menu commands are described based on the General Development Settings in Visual Studio Professional Edition.