ArcObjects Library Reference (Server)  

IServerObjectExtensionManager Interface

Provides access to members that help locate installed server object extensions.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method FindExtensionByCLSID Returns a server object extension found using a string representation of its class ID.
Method FindExtensionByTypeName Returns a server object extension found using its type name.

CoClasses that implement IServerObjectExtensionManager

CoClasses and Classes Description
GeocodeServer (esriLocation) A class that provides geocoding as a service.
GeoDataServer (esriGeoDatabaseDistributed) The GeoDataServer component provides programmatic access to a geodatabase.
GeometryServer (esriGeoDatabase) Provides access to standard operations on geometric 'value' objects. The input geometries are never modified by these operations. Designed for use in building web services and web applications.
GlobeServer (esriGlobeCore) A Globe Server class that serves Globe Tiles.
GPServer (esriGeoprocessing) GP Server Class.
ImageServer (esriCarto) The ArcGIS Server Image Server class.
MapServer (esriCarto) The MapServer component provides programmatic access to the contents of a map document on disk, and creates images of the map contents based on user requests. Designed for use in building map-based web services and web applications.
ServerObject The ServerObject object which runs within a server context in the GIS server.


Server objects may have extensions that extend their base functionality for more specialized uses. Each type of server object may have a set of extensions that can be enabled or disabled based on its configuration. ArcGIS for Server includes some server object extensions out of the box, and developers can extend ArcGIS for Server by writing their own server object extensions.

Server object extensions also have SOAP interfaces for handling SOAP requests to execute methods and returning results as SOAP responses. This support for SOAP request handling makes it possible to expose server object extensions as web services that can be consumed by clients across the Internet.

IServerObjectExtensionManager is an interface supported by all server objects. Once you have a reference to a server object, you can use the methods on IServerObjectExtensionManager to find enabled extensions either by name (FindExtensionByName) or by CLSID (FindExtensionByCLSID). Once you have a reference to the server object extension, you can QI for any of its interfaces.

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