ArcObjects Library Reference (Schematic)  

ISchematicRuleFilter Interface

Provides access to members that manage the rule availability by builder.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Schematics Extension.


Method CanApply Indicates if the rule can apply to the given builder.

CoClasses that implement ISchematicRuleFilter

CoClasses and Classes Description
SchematicCollapseRelatedElementsRule Schematic Collapse Related Elements rule object.
SchematicExpandLinksByAttributeRule Schematic Expand Links By Attribute rule object.
SchematicFeatureRemovalRule Schematic feature removal rule object.
SchematicNodeReductionRuleByFlow Schematic Node Reduction By Flow rule object.
SchematicNodeReductionRuleByPriority Schematic Node Reduction By Priority rule object.
SchematicRelationshipRule Schematic Relationship rule object.
SchematicRouteNodeReductionRule Schematic Route Node Reduction rule object.
SchematicSpatialQueryRule Schematic Spatial Query rule object.