ArcObjects Library Reference (Schematic)  

ISchematicCollapseRelatedElementsRule Interface

Provides access to members that manage the Collapse Related Elements rule.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Schematics Extension.


The Collapse Related Elements rule allows you to get schematic diagrams in which all schematic elements that are related to some particular parent nodes implemented by a given node schematic element class have been collapsed and after the links that connected these collapsed schematic elements have been reconnected on their parent nodes so the topology is preserved. The collapsed elements are schematic elements in relation to the parent schematic nodes. These relations result from a Relationship rule, a Spatial Query, or relations stored in the schematic dataset that have been specified using the PEN and PTN predefined attributes.


Read/write property Description Description of the Schematic Collapse Related Elements rule.
Read/write property ExtendedCriteriaName Name of the extended criteria.
Read/write property ExtendedCriteriaUsed Indicates if additional extended criteria is used.
Read/write property KeepVertices Indicates if the Schematic Collapse Related Elements rule keeps the links vertices.
Read/write property NodeClassName Name of the schematic node element class related to the Schematic Collapse Related Elements rule; that is, name of the schematic node element class to collapse.
Read/write property WhereClause Where clause used on associated feature to filter the schematic elements to collapse.

CoClasses that implement ISchematicCollapseRelatedElementsRule

CoClasses and Classes Description
SchematicCollapseRelatedElementsRule Schematic Collapse Related Elements rule object.