ArcObjects Library Reference (Schematic)  

ISchematicAlgoRotateNodesAlongLinks Interface

Provides access to members that control the Rotate Nodes Along Links schematic algorithm.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Schematics Extension.


The Rotate Nodes Along Links algorithm changes the rotation of symbols used to represent the schematic nodes according to the directions of their connected links. The nodes are rotated according to a given angle. The flow direction defined for the schematic links can be taken into account but isn't necessary.


Read-only property AlgorithmCLSID The CLSID of the algorithm.
Read/write property Available Indicates if the algorithm is currently available.
Read-only property Enabled Indicates if the algorithm is currently enabled.
Method Execute Execute the schematic algorithm.
Read/write property FlowDirected Indicates if the rotation angle for each symbol's node must be computed regarding to the flow orientation defined for the links.
Read/write property FlowUserDataName Name of the userdata that determines the flow direction for each link.
Read/write property Label The label of the algorithm.
Read/write property Offset Rotation angle in degrees that is combined with the computed rotation angle to rotate the symbols nodes.
Read/write property Overridable Indicates if the algorithm properties page is editable from ArcMap; that is, enabling the Layout Properties button in ArcMap.
Read/write property PropertySet The property set of the algorithm contains a collection of its parameters and their values.
Read/write property SchematicDiagramClassName The diagram class object used to initialize the algorithm.
Read-only property UseEndNode Indicates if the algorithm use end nodes.
Read-only property UseRootNode Indicates if the algorithm use root nodes.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
ISchematicAlgorithm Provides access to members that control the schematic algorithm.

CoClasses that implement ISchematicAlgoRotateNodesAlongLinks

CoClasses and Classes Description
SchematicAlgoRotateNodesAlongLinks Rotate Nodes Along Links schematic algorithm object.


The rotation angle computed during algorithm execution is stored in the ROTATION field of each schematic feature class that implements the nodes in the schematic diagram. This ROTATION field must be turned on to symbolize the schematic nodes so they automatically rotate according to the computed angle values.