ArcObjects Library Reference (Schematic)  

esriSchematicErrors Constants

Enumeration of schematic error codes.

Constant Value Description
SCHEMATIC_E_NO_BUILDER -2147218943 There is no builder associated to the diagram class.
SCHEMATIC_E_NEED_SDE_USER -2147218942 First dataset must be created with an user SDE connection.
SCHEMATIC_E_CANT_CREATE_SYSTEM_TABLES -2147218941 Unable to create schematic system tables.
SCHEMATIC_E_USER_NOACCESS -2147218940 No access to schematic dataset tables.
SCHEMATIC_E_CANT_CREATE_DATASET_TABLES -2147218939 Unable to create schematic dataset tables.
SCHEMATIC_E_CANT_CREATE_ELEMENT_CLASS -2147218938 Unable to create schematic element class.
SCHEMATIC_E_CANT_OPEN_DATASOURCE -2147218937 Unable to open schematic data source.
SCHEMATIC_E_CANT_OPEN_QUERY -2147218936 Unable to open query.
SCHEMATIC_E_CANT_INIT_QUERY -2147218935 Unable to initialize query.
SCHEMATIC_E_FOLDER_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218934 Schematic folder already exists.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218933 Schematic diagram already exists.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_CANT_BE_COPIED -2147218932 This type of diagram can't be copied.
SCHEMATIC_E_FOLDER_CANT_BE_COPIED -2147218931 A schematic folder can't be copied.
SCHEMATIC_E_FOLDER_PARENT -2147218930 Illegal parent for this schematic folder.
SCHEMATIC_E_MUST_BE_OWNER -2147218929 Must be schematic dataset owner to perform this operation.
SCHEMATIC_E_MUST_BE_SAME_DATABASE -2147218928 Operation not allowed across database boundaries.
SCHEMATIC_E_NO_ELEMENT_CLASS -2147218927 No element class associated to this diagram template.
SCHEMATIC_E_NO_INITIAL_OBJECTS -2147218926 No initial objects can be retrieved.
SCHEMATIC_E_NO_RESULT_FOUND -2147218925 No traversal result available on the input layer.
SCHEMATIC_E_INPUT_DATA_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147218924 The schematic builder doesn't support input data.
SCHEMATIC_E_INVALID_DIAGRAM_NAME -2147218923 Invalid schematic diagram name.
SCHEMATIC_E_DATASOURCE_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218922 Schematic data source already exists.
SCHEMATIC_E_ELEMENT_CLASS_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218921 Schematic element class already exists.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_CLASS_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218920 Schematic diagram class already exists.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_CLASS_ENTRY_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218919 Schematic diagram class already associated to this element class.
SCHEMATIC_E_OBJECT_CANT_BE_DELETED -2147218918 Schematic object can't be deleted.
SCHEMATIC_E_ATTRIBUTE_RECURSIVE_DEFINITION -2147218917 Schematic attribute recursive definition.
SCHEMATIC_E_ATTRIBUTE_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218916 Schematic attribute already exists.
SCHEMATIC_E_OBJECT_CLASS_PARENT -2147218915 Schematic object class parent invalid.
SCHEMATIC_E_OBJECT_IS_DELETED -2147218914 Schematic object is deleted.
SCHEMATIC_E_ATTRIBUTE_INCONSISTENT_DEFINITION -2147218913 Schematic attribute inconsistent definition.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_IS_ALREADY_IN_EDIT_MODE -2147218912 Schematic diagram is already in edit mode in the session.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_IS_LOCKED -2147218911 Schematic diagram is locked.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_IS_BEING_EDITED -2147218910 Schematic diagram is being edited.
SCHEMATIC_E_NOT_SUPPORTED_ON_THIS_VERSION -2147218909 Operation not supported on this version of the schematic dataset.
SCHEMATIC_E_ATTRIBUTE_NOT_ALLOWED -2147218908 Schematic attribute not allowed for this object class.
SCHEMATIC_E_ALGORITHM_OPTION_REQUIRES_ONE_SELECTED_LINK_ONLY -2147218907 Algorithm option requires one and only one selected link.
SCHEMATIC_E_ALGORITHM_PARAMETER_LESS_THAN_RESOLUTION -2147218906 Algorithm parameter distances are less than twice the spatial reference resolution.
SCHEMATIC_E_DIAGRAM_CANT_BE_LOADED -2147218905 Schematic diagram can't be loaded.
SCHEMATIC_E_FIELD_CANT_BE_ADDED -2147218904 Additionnal field can't be added.
SCHEMATIC_E_FORK_ON_MAINLINE -2147218903 Found more than two links identified as being mainline and being connected at the same node.
SCHEMATIC_E_INVALID_MAINLINE_GEOMETRY -2147218902 Mainline geometry is invalid it has loops.
SCHEMATIC_E_MAINLINE_HAS_GAP -2147218901 Found gaps in the mainline.
SCHEMATIC_E_EMPTY_MAINLINE_NAME -2147218900 The parameter for Mainline attribute name is empty.
SCHEMATIC_E_EMPTY_MAINLINE_VALUE -2147218899 The parameter for Mainline attribute value is empty.
SCHEMATIC_E_EMPTY_LENGTH_NAME -2147218898 The parameter for the length attribute name is empty.
SCHEMATIC_E_FEATURE_NAME_TOO_LONG -2147218897 Schematic feature name too long.
SCHEMATIC_E_DUPLICATED_FEATURE_NAME -2147218896 Duplicated schematic feature name in the same diagram.
SCHEMATIC_E_ELEMENT_CLASS_NOT_FOUND -2147218895 Schematic feature class not found.
SCHEMATIC_E_TOO_SMALL_LINK_LENGTH -2147218894 The length of the link is smaller than the input length parameter.
SCHEMATIC_E_DATASET_ALREADY_EXISTS -2147218893 Schematic dataset already exists.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Schematics Extension.