ArcObjects Library Reference (Schematic)  

esriSchematicAttributeEvaluationMode Constants

Schematic attribute evaluation mode.

Constant Value Description
esriSchematicAttributeOnTheFlyEvaluation 0 Value of the attribute is evaluated on the fly (as needed).
esriSchematicAttributeBuildEvaluation 1 Value of the attribute is evaluated during the diagram generation or update.
esriSchematicAttributeLoadEvaluation 2 Value of the attribute is evaluated at each diagram load.
esriSchematicAttributeDrawEvaluation 3 Value of the attribute is evaluated at each diagram refresh/redraw.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Schematics Extension.


Schematic attributes with the esriSchematicAttributeBuildEvaluation mode are evaluated at diagram generation. They are then reevaluated each time the schematic diagram is updated. Outside of these particular moments in the schematic diagram's life, they are never reevaluated.

When the evaluation mode is esriSchematicAttributeLoadEvaluation, the attribute is not only evaluated when the diagram is generated and updated but also each time the schematic diagram is loaded in memory—for example, each time an edit session is started on the schematic diagram. In that case, if attribute values have changed and the storage mode is Field or Property Set, the new values are automatically stored in the related schematic feature class or diagram class table when saving diagram edits.

Configuring a schematic attribute with the esriSchematicAttributeDrawEvaluation mode causes the schematic attribute values to be systematically reevaluated at diagram generation, each time it is updated, when it is loaded in memory, and also each time the schematic diagram is refreshed or redrawn—when a scale change or extent change occurs in the diagram, when schematic features contained in the diagram are moved, and so forth.

A schematic attribute with the esriSchematicAttributeOnTheFlyEvaluation mode chosen is generally configured for a schematic attribute that makes up another attribute. In that case, it is evaluated when that other attribute is evaluated.