ArcObjects Library Reference (OutputExtensions)  

IArcPressPrinter Interface

Indicator interface that identifies the ArcPress Printer Driver.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Desktop.


Method AutoSelectDriverByName This will try to autoselect best possible driver using given printer's driver name.Fails if driver is not supported.
Method GetColorAdjustment Color Adjustment parameters.
Read/write property HalftoneTuningIndex Halftone Tuning Index.
Read/write property LocalRasterization Indicates if Local Rasterization is used.
Method PrintColorTuningData Print color tuning data.
Read/write property SavePaper Indicates if the Save Paper option is used.
Read/write property SelectedDriverId Selected driver id.
Method SetColorAdjustment Color Adjustment parameters.

CoClasses that implement IArcPressPrinter

CoClasses and Classes Description
ArcPressPrinter Class used to print maps with the ArcPress Printer Driver.

.NET Samples

Print active view with ArcPress (Code Files: PrintActiveViewArcPressVB_Net_Addin)

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