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INAServiceAreaSolver2 Interface

Provides access to the service area solver.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Network Analyst Extension.


Read/write property CreateTraversalResult Indicates if a traversal result is created.
Read/write property DefaultBreaks The default break(s) of the traversal.
Read/write property ExcludeSourcesFromPolygons A collection of network source names to NOT use when generating polygons.
Read/write property IncludeSourceInformationOnLines Indicates if the lines will have SourceID, SourceOID, from and to position information added.
Read/write property MergeSimilarPolygonRanges Indicates if similar ranges should be merged in the result polygons.
Read/write property OutputLines The type of line(s) generated.
Read/write property OutputPolygons The type of polygon(s) generated.
Read/write property OverlapLines Indicates if lines should overlap from multiple facilities.
Read/write property OverlapPolygons Indicates if the polygons for all facilities should not overlap.
Read/write property SplitLinesAtBreaks Indicates if lines should be split at breaks.
Read/write property SplitPolygonsAtBreaks Indicates if polygons should be split at break values.
Read/write property TravelDirection The direction of the traversal.
Read/write property TrimOuterPolygon Indicates if the outermost polygon (at the maximum break value) will be trimmed.
Read/write property TrimPolygonDistance If polygons are being trimmed, provides the distance to trim.
Read/write property TrimPolygonDistanceUnits If polygons are being trimmed, provides the units of the distance to trim.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
INAServiceAreaSolver Provides access to the service area solver.

CoClasses that implement INAServiceAreaSolver2

CoClasses and Classes Description
NAServerServiceAreaParams Deprecated as of 10.0. A container for the service area solver settings and return parameters used by NAServer.
NAServiceAreaSolver Performs service area analysis.


INAServiceAreaSolver2 is the interface provided on the NAServiceAreaSolver and NAServerServiceAreaParams objects to access the properties of the service area solver.

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