ArcObjects Library Reference (NetworkAnalyst)  

INACompactStreetDirectionsAgent Interface

Provides access to the compact directions agent.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server. Requires Network Analyst Extension.


Read-only property DirectionsContainer The container for the directions.
Method Execute Constructs the directions.
Read/write property Language Language to use when generating directions.
Read/write property LengthUnits The length units.
Read/write property TimeAttributeName The network attribute for time calculation.

CoClasses that implement INACompactStreetDirectionsAgent

CoClasses and Classes Description
NACompactStreetDirectionsAgent Generates compact driving directions for network analysis results.


The INACompactStreetDirectionsAgent interface allows you to specify the properties for generating directions.

It generates directions that contain less information and compressed geometries representing the traversed streets.  Due to their smaller size, these directions are better suited for passing across low bandwidth connections in server applications.  To return these directions using NAServer, rather than using this interface directly, set the property INAServerRouteParams2::ReturnCompactDirections or INAServerClosestFacilityParams2::ReturnCompactDirections to true.

You get the NACompactStreetDirectionsAgent from the NAContext's list of agents using the name "CompactStreetDirectionsAgent".  For example:

Set pStreetAgent = NAContext.Agents.ItemByName("CompactStreetDirectionsAgent")