ArcObjects Library Reference (NetworkAnalysis)  

INetSolver Interface

Provides access to members that specify the network and the barriers to be used with this solver.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

Use the INetSolver interface to specify which network on which you want to perform an analysis, which elements in the network are barriers, and which element classes are disabled.


Method DisableElementClass Sets an element class as disabled within this solver.
Write-only property ElementBarriers Network element barrier set to be used in this solver.
Write-only property SelectionSetBarriers Selection set barriers to be used in this solver.
Write-only property SourceNetwork Source network to be used in this solver.

CoClasses that implement INetSolver

CoClasses and Classes Description
TraceFlowSolver A collection of basic trace flow solvers used to analyze networks.


When you create a TraceFlowSolver object, you also get a reference to a NetSolver object, since TraceFlowSolver inhereits from NetSolver.

Disabling an element class through the NetSolver object only disables it for your tracing operations. This does not affect how IUtilityNetwork::SetFlowDirection sets flow direction. If you want to disable elements for setting flow direction,  INetAttributesEdit::SetDisabledState will disable network elements in stand-alone logical networks, and INetworkFeature::Enabled will disable network features in geometric networks.

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