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IRouteMeasureEventGeoprocessor Interface

Provides access to the route measure event geoprocessor properties and methods. Note: the IRouteMeasureEventGeoprocessor interface has been superseded byIRouteMeasureEventGeoprocessor2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property BuildOutputIndex Indicates whether an index is going to be built on the route id field on the output result.
Method Concatenate Concatenate events.
Method Dissolve Dissolve events.
Read/write property InputEventProperties The input table's route event properties.
Read/write property InputSelection The input table's selection set.
Read/write property InputTable The input table.
Method Intersect Intersect events.
Read/write property KeepZeroLengthLineEvents Indicates whether zero length events should be included in the overlay result (line on line overlays only).
Read/write property OverlayEventProperties The overlay table's route event properties.
Read/write property OverlaySelection The overlay table's selection set.
Read/write property OverlayTable The table to overlay with the input table.
Method Union Union events.

CoClasses that implement IRouteMeasureEventGeoprocessor

CoClasses and Classes Description
RouteMeasureGeoprocessor Basic route measure geoprocessing object.


A route measure event geoprocessor provides access to geoprocessing operations on route measure events. These operations include dissolving events, concatenating events and event overlay (e.g. line-on-line and point-on-line)

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