ArcObjects Library Reference (Location)  

IHatchTemplate Interface

Provides access to hatch template properties.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method AddHatchDefinition Adds a hatch definition to the hatch class.
Method ConvertToGraphics Converts hatches to graphics.
Read/write property ConvertUnits Indicates whether to convert units for displaying Ms in hatch text.
Read/write property DefaultHatchInterval The hatch interval.
Read/write property DisplayUnits The units to be used for displaying M values in hatch text.
Method DrawFeature Draws hatches on along a given feature.
Method DrawGeometry Draws hatches along a given geometry.
Method DrawPreview Draws a sample of hatching to a given display.
Read/write property EndHatchDefinition The hatch definition to be used on the ends of a feature.
Read/write property EndHatchDrawingTolerance The end hatch drawing tolerance.
Read-only property EnumHatchDefinitions The hatch definition enumeration.
Read/write property HatchByPart Indicates whether to hatch by part vs. by polyline.
Read-only property HatchDefinitionCount The number of hatch definitions.
Read/write property Name The descriptive name of a hatch class.
Method RemoveAll Removes all definitions from the hatch class.
Method RemoveHatchDefinition Removes a hatch definition from the hatch class.
Read/write property StartAtIntervalMultiple Indicates whether to start at the interval multiple.
Read/write property UIDisplayUnits The user interface display units.

CoClasses that implement IHatchTemplate

CoClasses and Classes Description
HatchTemplate A hatch template manages a collection of hatch definitions. It can be applied to a hatch class or can exist as a hatch style.


The IHatchTemplate interface provides access to the hatch template properties.  The IHatchTemplate can be used to manage a collection of hatch definitions.  The IHatchTemplate interface can be applied to a HatchClass or exist as a hatch style.  In order to create a HatchClass, you will need to assign a HatchTemplate to it.