ArcObjects Library Reference (Location)  

IAddressGeocoding Interface

Provides access to members for geocoding addresses.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.

When To Use

Use the IAddressGeocoding interface to geocode single addresses and tables of addresses.


Method MatchAddress Geocodes a single address.
Read-only property MatchFields Fields contained in the geocoding result.
Method MatchTable Geocodes a table of addresses.
Method Validate Checks that the locator properties and locator dataset are present and valid.

CoClasses that implement IAddressGeocoding

CoClasses and Classes Description
AGSAddressLocator A locator adaptor for the GeocodeServer proxies.
CompositeLocator A locator that contains collection of other locators.
ESRIFDOAddressLocator An address locator that uses the Esri geocoding engine developed prior to ArcGIS version 10.0.
ESRIGen2AddressLocator An address locator that uses the Esri geocoding engine introduced in ArcGIS version 10.0.
RSLocator An address locator that uses the Esri RouteServer geocoding engine.
StreetMapAddressLocator A locator that uses the Esri geocoding engine and StreetMap reference data sources.

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.NET Samples

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