ArcObjects Library Reference (GlobeCore)  

IGlobeServer.Identify Method

Returns a Globe Server Identify Result object at the given location.

[Visual Basic .NET]
Public Function Identify ( _
    ByVal LayerID As Integer, _
    ByVal oid As Integer, _
    ByVal searchShape As IGeometry _
) As IGlobeServerIdentifyResults
public IGlobeServerIdentifyResults Identify (
    int LayerID,
    int oid,
    IGeometry searchShape
HRESULT Identify(
  long LayerID,
  long oid,
  IGeometry* searchShape,
  IGlobeServerIdentifyResults** identifyResults


LayerID [in]   LayerID is a parameter of type long oid [in]   oid is a parameter of type long searchShape [in]

  searchShape is a parameter of type IGeometry

identifyResults [out, retval]

  identifyResults is a parameter of type IGlobeServerIdentifyResults

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Returns GlobeServerIdentifyResults object by taking in the LayerId to be identified, an Object ID and the geometry of the identify area, delineated by the geometry object. Note, a value of -1 should be passed as the OID value to return all objects found within the identify area.




IEnvelope penvelop=pglobeLayerinfo.Extent.Envelope; //simply takes the layer extent as the envelope....

pSearchShape = pglobeLayerinfo.Extent.Envelope;

IGlobeServerIdentifyResults pglobeServIdResults= new GlobeServerIdentifyResultsClass();

IGlobeServerFindResults pglobeserverFindRes= new GlobeServerFindResultClass();

pglobeServIdResults = (IGlobeServerIdentifyResults) pglobeServer.Identify(layerID,-1,pSearchShape);


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