ArcObjects Library Reference (GlobeCore)  

IGlobeServer Interface

Provides access to members that support Globe server operations. Note: the IGlobeServer interface has been superseded byIGlobeServer2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Method Find Returns a Globe Server Find Result object that contain the given search string.
Method GetAnimation Gets the animation stream.
Method GetCacheName Gets the virtual cache directory for a given layer.
Method GetConfig Gets the configuration file from a given layer.
Method GetConfiguration Gets all the configuration and MQT files from a given layer.
Method GetLegendInfos Returns a collection of Globe Legend Info objects for the specified layers. If layerIDs is Nothing/Null or empty, legend information for all layers is returned.
Method GetMQT Gets the MQT for a given face from a given layer.
Method GetSymbols Gets the symbols with given IDs.
Method GetTextures Gets the textures with given IDs.
Method GetTile Gets a tile for a given tile location from a given layer.
Method GetVirtualCacheDirectory Gets the virtual cache directory for a given layer.
Method Identify Returns a Globe Server Identify Result object at the given location.
Read-only property LayerCount The number of layers in the server under a certain parent.
Read-only property LayerInfos A collection of Globe Layer Info objects.
Read-only property Version The Globe Server version number.

CoClasses that implement IGlobeServer

CoClasses and Classes Description
GlobeServer A Globe Server class that serves Globe Tiles.

//pass the URL address eg. http://myGlobeServer:6800/arcgis/services

private IAGSServerConnection ConnectToServer(string ServerConnection


  //Create the ArcGIS connection...

  IAGSServerConnectionName pAGSServerConnectionName = new AGSServerConnectionNameClass();


  //populate IpropertySet2<

  IPropertySet2 pProps = new PropertySetClass();


   if (ServerConnection.StartsWith("http://myGlobeServer:6080/"))

      pProps.SetProperty("URL", ServerConnection);




      MessageBox.Show("not a valid server connection");




   //set propeties and return object

   pAGSServerConnectionName.ConnectionProperties = pProps;


   IName pName;

   pName = (IName)pAGSServerConnectionName;


   return (IAGSServerConnection)pName.Open();