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IGlobeDisplayLayers Interface

Provides access to members that manipulate globe display layers. Note: the IGlobeDisplayLayers interface has been superseded byIGlobeDisplayLayers2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IGlobeDisplayLayers interface provides access to members that affect a layers property. IGlobeDisplaylayers interface has the following properties and methods:

BaseLayers an array containing internal layers used as a source of elevation for Floating Layers, IsLayerVisible indicats if a layer is visible, and LayerTransparency  transparency value of the layer between 0 to 100.


ApplyHeightProperties method to apply hieght property (including offset, unit conversion and elevation expression) to a layer, FindGlobeLayerProperties a method to find GlobeLayerProperties, RefreshLayer refreshes a layer (regenerates the layer cache).


Method AddLayer Adds a layer.
Method ApplyHeightProperties Applies changes in height properties to the layer.
Read-only property BaseLayers The internal layers created to support base surfaces for floating layers.
Method FindGlobeProperties Finds the globe properties of the layer.
Method GenerateTiles Generates the tiles in the specified levels of detail.
Method GetMaximumLayerLOD Gets the maximum level of detail to display the layer.
Write-only property IsLayerVisible Indicates if the layer is visible.
Write-only property LayerTransparency Transparency percentage of a layer.
Read-only property ParentsAreVisible Indicates if all parents are visible.
Method RefreshLayer Refreshes a layer, possibly including recaching.
Method RefreshLayerSelection Refreshes the display of the selection in a layer.
Method RefreshTextureObjectsLayer Deletes all the textures corresponding to a layer and to force them to reload.
Method RemoveLayer Removes a layer.
Method Reparent Re-parents the layer.
Method SetLayerDepthPriority Sets face depth priority of a layer.
Method SetLayerFaceCulling Sets face culling property of a layer.
Method SetLayerLightingOption Indicates if the layer is illuminated.
Method SetLayerShadingMode Indicates if the layer is smoothly shaded.

CoClasses that implement IGlobeDisplayLayers

CoClasses and Classes Description
GlobeDisplay The globe display object.

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