ArcObjects Library Reference (GlobeCore)  

IGlobeDisplay Interface

Provides access to members that manipulate the globe display. Note: the IGlobeDisplay interface has been superseded byIGlobeDisplay3. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


IGlobeDisplay interface provides access to members that control the Globe. IGlobeDisplay interface has the following non-inherited properties and methods:

AdvancedOptions property to access the globe’s data processing and management options, CacheUsage (CachePath, bUpdate ) – current disk cache usage (in Mbytes) for the specified path, CachePath - a true value to the argument bUpdate will update the CacheUsage, EnableMessages – indicates if warning messages and questions related to refreshing a layer or displaying vector data should be enabled, Globe – a container for display and manuiplation of data, ImmediateDataFetching – indicates if pending requests for tiles should complete before navigation, SelectionColor – the selction color selected features show with.

Clear(bRecycleBasicObjects) a method to stop all pending requests for tile fetches - a false value to bRecycleBasicObjects will stop the loading thread in addition, GetSurfaceElevation - finds the elevation (including the highest resolution, if specified)  of the surface at the given longitude and latitude, GetSurfacePoint -returns a point given the x and y position (in local coordinates) of the viewer. In addition, the methods Locate, LocateFeature, LocateMultiple and LocateLayers all return a set of objects hit by the line of sight from the observer location within the window coordinates of xView and yView in the viewer pViewer.



Read/write property ActiveViewer The active viewer.
Read/write property AdvancedOptions The data processing and management options.
Read-only property CacheUsage The disk cache usage in Mb (will return the current one if path is empty string).
Method Clear Clear the display objects.
Read/write property EnableMessages Indicates if the warning and question messages are enabled.
Method FindViewer Finds the Viewer.
Read/write property GestureEnabled Indicates if the mouse gestures are supported.
Method GetAllViewers Returns all registered Viewers.
Method GetBackgroundColor Returns the background color.
Method GetSurfaceElevation Find the elevation of a point in the given geographical location.
Method GetSurfacePoint Locate a point in the position x,y within the view (x and y in the interval 0-1).
Read/write property Globe The globe container.
Read/write property ImmediateDataFetching Indicates whether in immediate data fetching mode.
Read/write property IsNavigating Indicates if the 3D Display is in navigation mode.
Method Locate Find the object and location in the line of sight.
Method LocateFeature Find the object and location in the line of sight.
Method LocateLayers Find the object and location in the line of sight.
Method LocateMultiple Find the object and location in the line of sight.
Method RefreshTextureObjects Deletes all the textures to force them to reload.
Method RefreshViewers Redraws all viewers.
Method RegisterViewer Adds a viewer to the 3D Display.
Method ReplayFrame Uses the camera to redraw a frame.
Read/write property Scene The scene.
Read/write property SelectionColor The selection color.
Method SetBackgroundColor Sets the background color.
Method StartPrintingExporting Start exporting/printing with an extending cull area.
Method StopPrintingExporting Stop Exporting/printing with extending culling area-- restore defaults.
Method UnregisterViewer Removes a viewer from the 3D Display.

Inherited Interfaces

Interfaces Description
IViewers3D Provides access to members that control 3D displays.

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