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IAGSServerConnectionName Interface

Provides access to members that supply GIS server connection name information. Note: the IAGSServerConnectionName interface has been superseded byIAGSServerConnectionName2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property ConnectionProperties The connection properties of the AGSServerConnectionName.
Read-only property ConnectionType The type of the associated GIS server connection.

CoClasses that implement IAGSServerConnectionName

CoClasses and Classes Description
AGSServerConnectionName A name object for ArcGIS Server Connections.


The IAGSConnectionName interface lets you access the properties of an AGSConnectionName. To create a new AGSConnectionName, you must set the ConnectionProperties .

The connection properties required in the property set depend on whether you are creating an AGSServerConnectionName which represents a direct connection to a GIS server over a LAN, or if it represetns a connection to a web service catalog. When connecting to a GIS server over the LAN, you need to set the machine property to be the name of the GIS server machine. When connecting to a web service catalog, you need to set the url property to the url of the web service catalog. If the web service catalog you are connecting to is secure and requires a username and password, include them in the property set as the user and password properties, respectivly.

The ConnectionType property will return the type of connection based on the property above. The connection types are described by esriAGSConnectionType whose values are esriAGSConnectionTypeLAN and esriAGSConnectionTypeInternet.

You can QI for the IName interface on the AGSConnectionName object and call the Open method which returns an AGSServerConnection

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