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IAGSServerConnection Interface

Provides access to members that have information about the GIS server connection.. Note: the IAGSServerConnection interface has been superseded byIAGSServerConnection2. Please consider using the more recent version.

Product Availability

Available with ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server.


Read/write property FullName The AGSServerConnectionName object assiated with the GIS server connection.
Read/write property Name The name of the connection.
Read-only property ServerObjectNames The ServerObjectNames in the GIS server.

CoClasses that implement IAGSServerConnection

CoClasses and Classes Description
AGSServerConnection The AGSServerConnection object for connecting to the GIS server and getting the ServerObjectManager and ServerObjectAdmin.


An AGSServerConnection is a connection to a GIS server or web service catalog. Both contain server objects such as MapServer and GeocodeServer server objects. IAGSServerConnection provides methods to get references to server objects the server or web service catalog.

The GetServerObjectNames method returns the AGSServerObjectName objects for all of the server objects in the GIS server or web service catalog.

The FullName property gets and sets the AGSServerConnectionName name object. The AGSServerConnectionName for an AGSServerConnection can be persisted, for example, in a map document. An application can call the Open method on the AGSServerConnection name after loading it from persistent storage in order to connect to and get an object reference to the GIS server or web service catalog.

The MapServer and GeocodeServer objects that you obtain from IAGSServerConnection support only the coarse-grained, stateless methods associated with the server object. You can't use a MapServer or GeocodeServer object obtained from IAGSServerConnection to get references to the finer-grained objects associated with the server object, not can you change any aspects of the server object's state. Server objects obtained from LAN connections or web service catalog AGSServerConnections can be used in the same way, so if you are writing applications that need to work with both LAN and web service catalog conneciton to a GIS server, use AGSServerConnection and its associated objects.

When you get a server object using the ArcCatalog objects (GxAGSServerConnection) and ArcMap (MapServerLayer ), you are working through an AGSServerConnection.

If you want to work with a server object in a stateful manner, or you want to work with the finer-grained ArcObjects associated with a server object, you must obtain that server object by getting a reference to its server context from the ServerObjectManager. You can get the ServerObjectManager by either connecting to the GIS server using a GISServerConnection object, or by getting it from the AGSServerConnection.

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